pneumatic seeders


These mechanically driven pneumatic seeders are extremely precise, reliable and robust. They offer GPS precision without the worry of a technological failure. Thanks to its flex shaft connected drive wheel, it will never let you down during your work.

The seeder spreads seeds homogeneously and evenly over the entire working width and is extremely simple to calibrate. It can sow all types and sizes of seeds, be it timothy, brome or peas and this all mixed together in the same tank. Ideal for establishing new stands, overseeding, green manure or intercropping. It is offered in sizes from 200L to 660L, with electric or hydraulic blower as well as with the Seed-Control PLUS option. This option gives you a monitor that allows you to adjust the seed rate directly from your tractor and warns you when the tank needs to be filled or when a hose is blocked.

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These pneumatic seed drills made in Germany are fitted with specially designed extra-strong 12 V fans. Their working width extends from 1 to 12m and it easily handles high sowing rates. Its plastic tank allows you to spread mixtures of seeds, fine and coarse, granules, microgranules, fertilizers and to do your intercropping and cover crops. The control of all the functions - whether dosing according to speed, electrical calibration or automated emptying - is done thanks to a simple and user-friendly monitor. A choice of 18 languages ​​and a program memory for up to 75 calibrations makes your work even more pleasant.